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See the weather as never before. Baron dual-polarization technology delivers the next level of weather radar analysis.  
See further and in better detail than ever before, with one megawatt of power and integrated dual-polarization. Arbitrary Link Text
Baron's fully portable Doppler weather radar lets you go wherever the storms lead you. Arbitrary Link Text
Weather Bytes:
Meet us @ WMO Region V - 4/30/2014 - 5/1/2014
Meet us @ InterMET Asia - 6/2/2014 - 6/4/2014
Meet us @ CIMO-16, CIMO TECO & METEOREX - 7/7/2014 - 7/9/2014
WPVI has upgraded their radar from 350kw to 1000kw. - 1/25/2012
WCPO has upgraded their Doppler processor and their radome. - 1/25/2012
WSMV has upgraded their radar to 350kw and their Doppler processor. - 1/25/2012

Broadcast Weather Radar

Every Baron radar is custom-engineered for your needs and budget.
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Baron weather radar sensors are available in C, S, and X-band configurations. Built for accuracy and durability, and powered by a range of power sources as diverse as klystrons, coaxial magnetrons and solid-state transmitters, there is no series of radar systems that performs better at street-level meteorological accuracy. Advanced options include dual-polarization, pulse compression, SmartPower technology, and more. Plus, every Baron radar system is provided with built-in test equipment (BITE) for remote monitoring and fault protection.

Easy, simple maintenance. Local and remote operation. Stellar, customer-focused 24/7 support. Baron radar technicians even have the ability to, with your permission, dial remotely into your radar system over the Internet for calibration and troubleshooting. And it's all available to be displayed on your choice of Baron or third-party visualization platform.

Our Radars

No matter your requirements, Baron radar engineers will build the radar system that's right for you, customized to your specifications.


A balance between price and performance, Baron's C-band radars have the strength to penetrate storms and provide incredible data resolution.

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S-band radar sensors provide strength and stability for clean, precise data. Baron offers S-band capability in two configurations.

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X-band radar systems are ideal for both fixed and mobile operations. A smaller wavelength enables outstanding data resolution.

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Radar Upgrades

Reinvent your existing radar technology with new components and capabilities.

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NWS Dual-Polarization Status

Get a clear visual of the deployment and see when your local NEXRAD site has been upgraded.

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Weather & Air Surveillance

Customized Innovation

Finding solutions for unique and challenging projects, like the combined weather and ASR radar on the SBX, is what makes Baron a leader in full-service meteorological solutions.


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