Firmware Update 2.2 | Mobile Link

Mobile Link Update

Firmware Version 2.2



To perform this update, you will need a WiFi-equipped PC or Mac in wireless range of your Mobile Link device. Visual examples taken from the Windows platform.

Installation Guide

1. Download the 2.2 firmware file below to your computer, saving it to a desired location. Note that with many browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, downloaded files are automatically saved to a specific "Downloads" folder. Check your browser settings if needed to confirm where the update file is saved.

Mobile Link Firmware 2.2 Update File »

2. Once the firmware is downloaded, open your computer's WiFi connection utility and connect to the Mobile Link device.

3. Once connected to the Mobile Link, open an internet browser and enter this URL: When prompted, enter the login information below to sign in to the Mobile Link admin page. You must be wirelessly connected to the Mobile Link to view this page.

Username: admin
Password: mobile11

4. After signing in to the admin page, click the Update button on the left. This will link you to the Mobile Link firmware update page.

5. Once on the update page, click the Browse button, and navigate to the saved file's location. Select the update file (the default name is mobilelink.upd), and click the Update button.

NOTE: If you experience 'invalid file' errors with the .upd file you downloaded at the beginning, please download this zip file to your computer and extract it. It will extract an alternate version of mobilelink.upd for you to use in the step above.

6. The Mobile Link device will automatically reboot. This process takes approximately one minute.

7. Once normal operation has resumed, you can verify the firmware version by going back to the admin panel ( The firmware version will be located at the very top of the login panel, and if the update has been successful, will indicate version 2.2.

NOTE: If the firmware is still shown as a previous version, this does not mean the update has been unsuccessful. Try closing your browser, then clearing the browser cache by deleting all Temporary Internet Files in your computer’s browsing history. Go back to the Mobile Link admin page, and you should see "Version 2.2" indicated above the sign-in box.