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Delivering high-resolution NEXRAD radar, echo tops, wind shear data and more, including Baron's trusted storm tracks, Mobile Threat Net brings in-depth severe weather analysis directly to the user's computer. A continuous satellite broadcast from XM WX Satellite Weather ensures reliable delivery of mission-critical weather data. Now storm chasers, public safety personnel and many others have direct mobile access to the most accurate storm analysis available, so they're always in the right place at the right time.

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Mobile Threat Net Features

No mobile weather system is more capable during the high intensity of a severe weather outbreak than Mobile Threat Net. Packing patented technology and much of the same analysis capability found in newsrooms around the nation, it's the system to have when the going gets tough.

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To ask a question and/or purchase a Mobile Threat Net system, please call Cliff Windham at (256) 881-8811.

Storm Tracking

Mobile Threat Net features Baron’s patented automated storm tracking, with proprietary technology to precisely identify and analyze severe thunderstorms and potential tornadoes.

Street-Level Mapping

Track the weather’s effects on your community street-level mapping of US highways and Interstates. An optional City Streets® plug-in lets you see all local roadways in a county of your choice.

Satellite Data Delivery

Mobile Threat Net is powered by accurate weather data from XM WX Satellite Weather. And the system is appropriate for any mission-critical activity, whether mobile or stationary.

GPS Compatibility

Use most any NMEA-code GPS device to pinpoint your position on the Mobile Threat Net map, and overlay it onto actual weather data, showing not only where you are, but what to expect.

See into the storm. Then make your move.

Works with Your PC

If you know Windows, you know Mobile Threat Net. The system is compatible with all recent versions of the popular operating system, from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Easy to Use

Does Mobile Threat Net come with a manual? Of course. Do you need to read it? Not so much. The system is built to excel under pressure, so moving the map and zooming into storms are performed with ease.

Multiple Data Overlays

A storm is a complex thing. With Mobile Threat Net, you can overlay radar, lightning, storm tracks and more in a single view, so you get a more complete picture of what’s going on.

Nationwide Watches & Warnings

Whether for severe storms, tornadoes or winter weather, anytime the National Weather Service issues a weather watch or warning, Mobile Threat Net automatically updates the map, so you know about it instantly.

Audible GPS Alerts

Built-in AutoTrak® technology means that Mobile Threat Net constantly tracks your GPS location along with the weather. If your path is projected to intersect with a storm, the system will audibly alert you.

High-Resolution Radar

Updating every 5 minutes, the system lets you view radar data across the country. Zoom into an area for a closer look to see storm details down to one-tenth of a mile.

Flexible Data Service Options

Choose the data service plan that’s right for you from the XM WX customer service line. You can even suspend your account once every six months for reactivation later.

Free Software Updates & Technical Support

Once you’ve got a Mobile Threat Net system, you’re golden. Count on free technical support and software updates for as long as you have a data subscription.

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