Ground Solutions

View and track weather conditions, including radar data, on your mobile PC. Connect a GPS device to monitor your position at the same time. Arbitrary Link Text
For fixed-base applications, Threat Net Plus receives Internet-delivered weather data for user-friendly display on an interactive map. Arbitrary Link Text
Weather Bytes:
Welcome - AviatorWx Customer - Port of Huntsville (AL) - 1/26/2012
Welcome - AviatorWx Customer - City of Bogalusa (LA) - 1/26/2012
Welcome AviatorWX Customer - Madison County Executive Airport (AL) - 1/26/2012

Public safety solutions from Baron Services provide the weather information you need to make the best tactical decisions. Featuring both fully mobile and fixed-base solutions, these powerful, easy-to-use systems put essential weather data at your fingertips, with powerful Threat Net® products that deliver exclusive value-added data products, for the best in timeliness and accuracy.

A Solution for Every Application

Mobile Threat Net

Powered by a continuous satellite broadcast from XM WX Satellite Weather, Mobile Threat Net allows users to track storms, view radar data and much more, on the go.

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Threat Net Plus

Internet connectivity allows Threat Net Plus users to track storms and view weather data in a fixed location, enabling effective allocation of resources.

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Where weather conditions and road conditions intersect, Threat Matrix gives a clear view.