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A Bold Fusion of Graphics and Science

The most comprehensive, graphically intensive weather system ever developed, Omni heralds the next generation of meteorological accuracy. Featuring real-time 3D performance, its powerful architecture allows you to present the comprehensive weather story in your backyard or across the globe.

A one-stop solution for broadcast weather, Omni is the perfect integration of stunning visuals and accurate weather depiction. Its powerful graphics allow you to incorporate photo-realistic 3D models into your weather presentation—everything from buildings and vehicles to landmarks and more. A well-stocked template library helps speed up production, while downloadable graphics and models keep your show fresh.

The Most Local Weather Show on Earth

Delivered in native 720p/1080i high-definition, Omni’s pristine visuals leverage your HD transmission while making your weathercast look vibrant.

3D Graphics

Use the 3D studio with keyframe animations and a dynamic camera system. Incorporate 3D models and create your own customized weather graphics. All in one system. Learn more...

3D Graphics
3D Graphics

Auto-Updated Website Content

The Omni Web Scheduler lets you export weather content to the station website. Set it up once, and it updates the data for you, continuously and automatically.Learn more...

Dual-pol Data

Resampled and base dual-pol radar products expand the weather story for every kind of weather event. Learn more...

Social Media Integration

The built-in WeatherShare tool allows you to quickly upload screenshots of Omni 3 to Twitter or Facebook in an instant, along with information or branding messaging.Learn more...

Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

Make Weather a Live Event

Maximize dynamic presentation with compelling content in Omni.

QuickEditor Tool

Quickly and easily update your forecast graphics simply by entering information into the QuickEditor spreadsheet.

Video Integration

Omni incorporates up to 16 simultaneous video feeds from Internet-based webcams and traffic cameras through an optional multi-source router.

Volumetric Radar Imaging

Proprietary techniques let you examine reflectivity and dual-pol data from every angle on-the-fly, revealing a storm cell’s true structure and threat.

Tropical Outbreaks

Omni delivers an entire tropical weather center with tropical storm and hurricane tracks, river stage information, tropical storm surge probabilities, wave height forecasts and more.

Data & Model Layering

Layer multiple data products and forecast models simultaneously, to present an accurate representation of the weather situation.

Transitions & Effects

A host of transitions maintain visual interest throughout your broadcast, and animated effects, like flares and sparkle trails, grab attention when you want it most.


Display global earthquakes as a graphic, a 3D model or with text describing depth, magnitude, location, and more.

Aerial Mapping and 3D Terrain

Displaying 3D terrain textured with photographic mapping anywhere on the planet, Omni lets you take viewers on an impressive weather tour through basins, valleys, and over mountaintops.

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