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Delivering stunning graphics and maximizing Baron’s proprietary weather data products, our on-air weather systems give you the best way to tell your weather story. The result? A precise, compelling weathercast, no matter what the weather does. And when it comes to delivering accurate, life-saving information, Baron’s technology meets this mission head on, depicting severe weather on-air like no other. With cutting-edge development of patented meteorological technology, Baron helps you create continuous and dynamic weather content - on-air, online, every day.

A Full Suite of Weather Display Software

Baron engineers its weather systems for the timeliness and accuracy your coverage demands.


Omni redefines HD graphical weather with a unique architecture providing a vivid look at local weather conditions occurring anywhere in the world.

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VIPIR pioneered real-time 3D storm tracking with exclusive shear marker technology that graphically pinpoints the location of possible tornadoes, making it the best option for predictive weather coverage.

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FasTrac is the premiere 2D storm tracking system allowing meteorologists to track severe weather accurately at street-level.

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StormWarn lets you set up an automatic screen crawl for any important information with full branding capabilities.

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Mobile Threat Net®

Weather On The Move

Mobile Threat Net, our mobile storm tracking software, acts as a companion system to Baron’s on-air capabilities. Perfect for weather trucks and choppers, Mobile Threat Net helps your news crews get where the story is, safely and efficiently.
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