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Display the exact location of impending danger quickly and clearly, with Baron’s suite of value-added severe weather data products, and keep your viewers out of harm’s way. Arbitrary Link Text
Visually impressive and incredibly local, the Omni Web Scheduler updates weather content automatically, saving meteorologists time. Arbitrary Link Text
Weather Bytes:
Meet us @ NWA 2014 Annual Meeting - 10/18/2014 - 10/23/2014
WPVI has upgraded their radar from 350kw to 1000kw. - 1/25/2012
WCPO has upgraded their Doppler processor and their radome. - 1/25/2012
WSMV has upgraded their radar to 350kw and their Doppler processor. - 1/25/2012

Weather Every Day

Baron technologies are at work throughout the broadcast television industry. Baron’s suite of broadcast products keeps your audience watching with patented, value-added weather data products, display software that captures an audience’s imagination, and accurate forecasting models. The company stresses accuracy and timeliness in every product it develops- from radar technologies to website content systems - employing the philosophy that with more accurate weather detection and faster distribution of severe weather updates to the public, lives can be saved.

Broadcast Products

Baron provides one-stop, full weather service for the broadcast industry. We have developed solutions for all broadcast weather needs that can not only increase ratings with spectacular segments, but also save lives when the public needs to be warned.


As visually appealing as they are accurate, software packages with easy-to-understand weather displays.

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Cutting-edge radar systems for every budget. At the forefront of radar development, Baron builds and develops powerful, accurate radar technology that stations use to lead in their markets.

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Digital Tools

Bring your weather to every screen your audience is watching. Web, mobile and social – Baron has the tools you need to keep content fresh and relevant. Learn more...

Weather Data

The Baron operations center is staffed 24 hours a day, so any issues are promptly dealt with by a trained meteorologist from our support team. Learn more...

Weather Data
Weather Data
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Weather Alerting

When It Counts To Know

Baron has developed innovative, community-oriented technologies as part of its mission to facilitate the distribution of essential information to the public. The resulting services include remote sensor networks, text message-based alerts and Internet visualization tools.

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