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In-Flight Weather for Mobile Devices

As the provider of weather data for XM WX Satellite Weather, Baron Services took on the challenge of getting weather in-flight. With Mobile Link, that same data—for the first time—is now viewable on your tablet or smart phone.

The Mobile Link plugs into your XM WX receiver, and sends the weather data to up to four mobile devices via a Wi-Fi signal. There are no cords running to your device. Accurate, high-resolution XM Weather data can then be displayed in a number of partner applications on mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

To get in-flight weather on your mobile device, you need the Mobile Link, a subscription to XM WX Satellite Weather, a WxWorx data receiver, and a compatible weather application.

Simple. Flexible. Wireless. With cockpit weather from XM WX Satellite Weather, your tablet or smart phone is even closer to becoming the only EFB you need.

For more information on Mobile Link installation, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Mobile Link firmware version 2.2 is now available for free download to existing Mobile Link customers. Click here to get the update.

Wireless Weather Data on Mobile Devices

Cut the cord. Wireless compatibility ensures your mobile devices can be just that—mobile.

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Data Displayed in Partner Applications

XM WX Satellite Weather can be displayed on a number of partner applications that can be downloaded from websites or application markets.

Compatible with WxWorx and Heads Up Receivers

The Mobile Link works with all models of the portable WxWorx receiver, plus certified XMWX receivers from Heads Up Technologies.

Small and Light with Low Power Usage

With its compact size and aluminum case, the Mobile Link fits easily into the cockpit, and is up for the rigors of mobile use.

Partner Applications Available

Note: Not all data products may be supported by all app developers. Check with your app provider to see which data products are supported.

Partner Applications In Development